About the 2018 Update Course

Staying current with the latest updates to the Y14.5 GD&T standard is critical to maintain the primary purpose of GD&T - engineering drawings that represent functional intent and have one interpretation.

This DatumX online (on-demand) training course provide in-depth training on all the changes to the Y14.5 GD&T standard in the 2018 revision.  The course is intended for those who have a working knowledge of Y14.5 based on previous revisions (1994, 2009).  The course is very detailed and includes many illustrations and animations to help simplify concepts.  

Who would benefit from taking this course?  Designers and drafters, manufacturing and quality personnel who were trained to a previous revision of Y14.5.  

This DatumX course covers many different aspect of GD&T and therefore is also a great refresher course for those that haven’t had formal training in a while.

*This course is also available as SCORM compliant training for your company's LMS.  Contact us to find out more ([email protected]).

Course curriculum

    1. Sections 1-2

    2. Sections 1-2 QUIZ

    1. Section 3-4

    2. Section 3-4 QUIZ

    1. Section 5

    2. Section 5 QUIZ

    1. Section 6

    2. Section 6 QUIZ

About this course

  • $149.00
  • 29 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

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